Cosmetic Dentistry Overview

May 17, 2017 - 2 minutes read

Do you have healthy teeth and gums but find yourself persistently taking steps to hide your smile? If so, is it because of some staining or discoloration in your teeth? Is it because you have some misalignment, gaps or other cosmetic issues? If so, the team at Kurz Family Dentistry in Dacula, GA encourages you to consider our cosmetic dentistry solutions.

As your full-service dentist in Dacula, we can also provide you with a wide array of cosmetic dentistry procedures and treatments. Of course, it must all begin on a foundation of optimal oral health, and before you work with our cosmetic dentist, we’ll first make sure that your general and restorative dentistry needs are met. Then, you can work with our cosmetic dentistry specialist to formulate a totally customized plan for improving the looks of your teeth and gums.

What sort of cosmetic dentistry solutions are available? We currently offer:

Using the most appropriate treatments, we can help you to get that picture perfect smile you have always wanted. Whether it is a single treatment, such as some whitening that can brighten the smile by several shades in a single visit, or it is multiple procedures that are part of a smile makeover, we have what it takes to reach your goals.

Keep in mind that any cosmetic dentistry plan may be woven into a restorative dentistry plan too. As an example, you might think of a missing tooth as cosmetic, but it is actually more of a functional issue. We will address that with an implant or bridge as part of your treatment plan, and it will have the added benefit of giving your smile a cosmetic improvement.

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