Am I a Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

August 28, 2017 - 2 minutes read

Believe it or not, the process of teeth whitening isn’t just for Hollywood celebrities. Plenty of patients get their teeth whitened daily, and our Dacula dentists at Kurz Family Dentistry are happy to help you get closer to your smile goals. Having a bright white smile can boost your confidence and bring you better health. There are plenty of benefits to this cosmetic dentistry procedure, and in this article, you can determine whether you are a good candidate for teeth whitening.

What Is Teeth Whitening?

Tooth whitening is a great cosmetic dentistry procedure that involves the use of a laser or UV light to apply a bleaching gel to the teeth, ridding them of stains and other blemishes. It is a painless and non-invasive procedure that offers comfort and flexibility to all types of smiles. It is one of the most popular dentistry procedures around, as it offers an easy and affordable way to achieve the Hollywood smile of your dreams.

Requirements for Tooth Whitening

To find out whether you are a good candidate for teeth whitening, you can view the following criteria to see if you match with any of these needs. You may be a great fit for teeth whitening if:

  • You have dark stains on your teeth due to drinking coffee or tea, or smoking tobacco.
  • You have discoloration on your teeth and are looking to cover your blemishes.
  • You are renewing your tooth whitening efforts after having your teeth whitened many years ago.

There are several types of people who may not be a great candidate for tooth whitening, however. If you have major tooth sensitivity, or if you are struggling with periodontal disease, you may want to stay away from this procedure.

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